Anyone seen Light Beige Caviar Medium or E/W Flap

  1. I've seen some TPFers getting the light beige classic flaps recently. Anyone seen them in Saks or anywhere? TIA!
  2. do you mind a boutique? or specifically a dept store?
  3. If there is one at Saks then it'll be good, otherwise, I'm fine with a boutique too...
  4. About 2 weeks ago I knew there's a beige Large classic flap w/ silver hardware & with old price tag (Cdn$1825) at Chanel Toronto. You may give Emiko a call. She told me that's seasonal colour,a bit darker, not the regular beige you normally see in classic. So, it comes with the old tag. Good Luck!

    P.S. You may save tax & they ship, but not sure to U.S. or not.

    Size: 16 x 25.5 x 7.5 cm
  5. Here's the photo Emiko e-mailed me earlier on July 27. I hope it still there. For me, the darker beige doesn't seem a lot darker than the regular one.
  6. Saks in boca had an e/w a few weeks ago, you can; call and ask them to check the back too.
  7. Thanks, i'm actually looking for the lighter colour rather than darker one... But that is really at a good price!
  8. Is this the classic beige or the lighter beige?
    I'm actually looking for something like this...
    This is from an eBay posting previously
    light beige.JPG
  9. Hi, just came back from hongkong, and they got the e/w beige in every chanel stores........:cutesy:Chanel Hongkong Duty Free: -- +852-291-81108, look for snow, or ask them to inquire you with other chanel branch
  10. Just wondering - How much are those in HK$?
  11. hey chloneesha

    do me have a chanel in manila??? and you mention duty free they are much cheaper or the same after the conversion?

    kindly advice pls??!!!

  12. Hi, we dont have a chanel here in manila:sad::sad::sad:... its in hongkong, the duty free shop inside the airport....:cutesy:
  13. Hi, its around hk12100 in hongkong... :smile::smile:... price are not cheaper at duty free though...
  14. Thanks. It seems a bit more pricer than US then.
  15. Hi, is this the classic beige or a lighter beige (cream)? I'm actually looking for the cream colour...