Anyone seen Latte in real live. Do I need it if I already own Papyrus?

  1. Hi everybody here! :wave:

    Usually I am hanging around at the Chloé subforum, but actually I'm a little into Balenciaga as well ( just 4 Velos ans 2 Cities so far...:whistle:). I really love the Velo style.
    I own a velo in Papyrus. Bought it because I really loved Galet and wanted a Velo in a similar color.
    First I thought about Gris Poivre, but I did not like the leather IRL ( looked too crackled ) so I bought the Papyrus although I liked the darker shade of Gris Poivre more. Papyrus is a little too khaki for being my perfect bag...I usually love neutrals but more brown/taupe undertones...
    Now I am thinking about a Velo in Latte. Unfortunately I cannot see it IRL before buying, just the photos the SA sended to me and one taken by a friend ( but a city and it came out rather strange...even if she said it's a creamy beige, it looked like pistache ).
    I saw the swatches but IMO Latte looked quite khaki so I am still not sure if I should buy it. ( I don't want two bags with this olive/khaki undertones...)

    Has anybody here seen Latte already IRL? Does it really have green undertones? Or does it look more creamy/beige/brown ( I also own a Velo in Praline, so I hope that latte might be somewhere in between them...)
    Anybody own a papyrus ( or praline ) and can compare Latte to it?

    Thanks for your support...

  2. When I saw latte, I thought it was Praline. The SA said it was Praline, but I don't think it was. It was at the Bal Boutique in LV and all the new colors were out. I think if you have Praline and Papyrus, it will be similar to one. I would also be careful because of the color transfer issues, especially with a velo.
  3. I also have Papyrus in two bags and I think it is the perfect neutral color. I didn't like Gris Poivre either for the same reason. If I were you, and since you also have Praline, I wouldn't buy another beige. Why don't you look for a nice pop color for a change? Of course that is only my opinion, and I don't know your wardrobe.:smile:
  4. cat1967, I am not a very colorful person...I love neutrals, I own about 50 designerbags ( mostly Chloé ) and the only colored bags are a tricolor Muse II ( the one Miroslava Duma has ) and a red Heloise. And...I never carried the red one...but I am thinking about buying a Cassis or the boedeaux suede velo...
    I finally ordered the Velo in Latte today the SA sended looked great...will show pictures when it arrives....
  5. congrats!! can't wait to see it :smile:) i am also a huge fan of neutrals:cool:
  6. i am also waiting for latte pictures! i love nude/brown/tan colors.
  7. I'm considering latte. Is it too similar to gris ciment? Does anybody have this bag yet?
  8. Hmm.. Saw latte at the boutique, color is in one family with praline and papyrus.
    Praline is very light cream. Papyrus is cream with green undertone a bit.
    Latte is also light cream but darker than praline.
    I feel latte have slightly yellow undertones, more into warm color. Papyrus n praline for me is cool color.
    I saw the comparison pics of this 3 color in F/W 2012 thread.
    Hopefully this weekend i can take my papyrus to be photograph with latte.
    Had praline but me prefer papyrus.
  9. Did you think latte had a green undertone? It would be a darker shade than grid cement right?
  10. I tend to agree with all the girls who feel there is no need to get a latte if you already have a Papyrus, especially if you are getting the same style.

    I'd get the Latte in addition to my Papayrus Velo only if
    (1) I'm buying the Latte in a totally different style and I love that particular shade of neutral to death. Or,
    (2) if actually don't use my Papyrus and want to get rid of it.

    From my own previous (and all too numerous) experiences - and my SA continually telling me (and she was right!): if you get something in a very similar colour from a different season and it is in the same style as your previous bag, you will, in that case, end up using one over the other.

    My advice (based on my SA advice and my own experience with multiple bag purchases) is: Have one or the other... not both. Or, have the same style in vastly different colours... or the same colour in vastly different styles.

    So, unless you are getting rid of your Papyrus, I'd say, "No: don't get the Latte".
  11. good suggestion.
  12. yes, I agree~ :cool: