Anyone seen large black cambon tote

  1. Hi, I'm new the the forum and Chanel. I am looking for a large cambon tote. Preferably black on black. Anyone know where I can find one? Please let me know. Thanks!
  2. I saw one Saturday at NM in Charlotte. I'm not sure if it was a medium or a large but I think it was a large. Black with black patent CC's - it was gorgeous. Call Natasha at 704.442.7900, ext. 2171. Good luck.
  3. Yes ma'am!
    NM in Plano, TX has a beautiful I always try on when I go!
    Call Shannon toll free @ {877} 634-6265
  4. There's one at my NM too. You can reach me at 877-634-6264 ext 2166. :smile: