Anyone seen L.Lohan pic in people, bag is

  1. beautiful and I need to know what kind.
    She's got a McQueen scarf on it, which is why they ran the photo, but no mention about the kind of bag she had the scarf hanging off!
    I know someone here will know.
    Love to post the pic but I have no idea how to. Only reason I learned how to use the net is to shop.
    Cheers all
  2. is it this bag?

  3. It's sure is.
    What style is this?
  4. Its the ysl muse bag. gorgeous.
  5. ahhh the famous musee..!!:love:
  6. It's a hot bag...saw it IRL it's really huge, but they have other tell you the truth I wasn't impressed.
  7. Is this the XL ?
  8. yep
  9. yep!
  10. Personally I'd rather have the McQueen scarf!
  11. I like the bag :smile: ,too bad it out shines Lohan :sad: .
  12. ^^ I thought so too in this picture at least.