Anyone seen/know where these bags are?

  1. Well, alas ... Paris was a bust for me. I didn't find anything that really said "BUY ME, BUY ME" ... so, I had promised myself that it this occurred that I would treat myself to one of the following stateside:
    1. Vert D'eau GH Part-Time -or-
    2. Rouge Vermillon GH Part-Time -or-
    3. Vert Gazon GH Part-Time
    If anyone has seen any of the above (especially at a Neiman Marcus as I still haven't purchased my Birthday Bag!), please let me know.

    If anyone has already purchased one of the above, could you PLEASE post pics as I'm still somewhat undecided :confused1: :shrugs: !!!

    Merci bien!!
  2. aaw CeeJay, i hope you''ll get something you really like soon :yes:
  3. Palm Beach NM's had a lot of stock. You may want to give them a call. Ask for JJ, he was really helpful (sorry, if I'm not allowed to mention SA's). They had lots of PT's and most weren't on display, you had to ask to see them.
  4. I saw vert d'eau city but not part time...sorrry!! If you are intersted in that one, I just got one there, at Neiman's at Short Hills mall in NJ