Anyone seen Fumo or Black on sale anywhere?

  1. I think I want a Campeggio or Cucciolo in black or fumo for a diaper and travel bag....shouldn't they be on sale with the older prints since the new solid color is white??? Or do solids never go on sale? :crybaby:
  2. I got my solid black bella bella w/original print inside on sale at Macy's Herald Square in NYC on sale for something like $79. It was in December so I'm sure the black goes on sale! But do they make the baby bag in solid black? :shrugs:
  3. Yes, I got a Dolce black with original print inside on sale at Macy's just 1 week ago.
    But I guess the one with Citta print is still NOT on sale.. I wonder why ??
  4. Hmmm I don't know if they make the baby bag in black, I was guessing they did. The Bloomies in Sherman Oaks has TONS of black and FUmo (full price:sad: ), but I never look at them because I have a fumo Ciao Ciao so I am always looking for prints...
    guess I am going to have to go on a mission:graucho:

    OH and while I'm there I'll get them to remove the :cursing: security tag:cursing: from the bag I bought yesterday!!!:mad:
  5. Now that I think about it, I may have seen the baby bag in solid black w/citta on the inside but not w/original print on the inside which makes sense b/c the baby bag came out later.

    I cannot stand when they forget to take the security sensor off of stuff I ummm, it's part of their job to take it offffffff!! Last time I bought a bag in the store the SA almost didn't take off the bf had to point it out. I was :mad: :rant: :mad: :mad: :censor:
  6. isn't fumo on sale at the factory stores for 25%off?
  7. black with original print is on sale at the outlet here in hawaii. I just picked up some Lunas and scuolas. WHat style are you loooking for?
  8. Do they have any Mamma Mia's or Bambino's?
  9. Black in Campeggio or Cucciolo:yes:
  10. I have seen Black Campeggio's, but I have not seen a Cucciolo in black recently. They were on sale for 15% off at my Macy's a few weeks ago.

    I always see black Tokidoki's at the Macy's stores here. I know they are not on sale right now because I was at Macy's earlier today.
  11. Black w/ citta inside aren't on sale at most macys same w/ fumo I think its because it can carry over and I believe someone else also suggested that.

    Off topic- does anyone know where to find any original prints w/o using eBay?
  12. If you find a source, let us know, I'm still looking too...
  13. Cytheria, luv the adios and ciao avatar. :heart:
  14. macy's is going to have all handbags 20% off next week, you can do a presale if you have a macy's card.

    I know the original print inside ones are on sale at macy's too, but the selection is spotty.

    original print is available in hawaii outlets, I think, but only very limited selection - I think tokidoki lover knows the most about that.
  15. Thanks. :smile: They are my favorite! I just pre-ordered both of them.