Anyone seen Denaros below retail??

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  1. At any outlets or stores? THANKS!
  2. paradiso and inferno are 51 + shipping at the outlets.

    sometimes on ebay? i managed to get an original shipped for under 55.

    there are some on ebay sort of low right now.

    my roommate just picked up an inferno shipped for 55.

    I've seen some citta's go for 40-60.
  3. i got my foresta denaro about a month ago from Nordstrom and it was about $45. i lucked out for sure!?
  4. ^wow, that's a great deal! I'm happy w/ my two all I'll probably have three....idk i'd rather save for bags than wallets though lol.

    LJ sometimes has deals on toki wallets..check it out.
  5. check nordstrom, they always have the older style denaro. They can charge send too. I'd try somewhere far, out of state if possible. Nordstrom has citta for 30 somethng and inferno for 45. Last time i saw foresta for 45 too. Too long ago, i doubt its there now. But check other states...i am sure you could find something.
  6. i got my denaros at the outlets. i was able to get a playground on for 31
  7. check out the LJ communities... if you don't join the "shoptokidoki" one there's "tokiholics" that allows the public to see stuff

  8. Thanks! I will check that out:smile:
  9. Does anyone have a link to that group? I am having trouble finding it. Thanks!
  10. thank you:smile:
  11. i got a citta denaro from nordstrom seattle for 40 ish the other week.