anyone seen dark silver luxe ligne bowler?

  1. after seeing irene's pics i am in :heart: . can someone pm me or post if you have seen it anywhere?
  2. oh... i must say... i cant buy it from Neimans because i dont have neiman card. so it has to be from Saks, boutiques, Nordstrom or bloomies.
    thanks girls...
  3. You have to have a neiman's card to shop at neiman's?
  4. you can pay cash at neiman's or use a neiman's card...i believe american express is also okay at Neiman Marcus
  5. noone has seen it?
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw it yesterday (Feb 28th) at Chanel at Bloomies NYC (59th St. store). Definitely a luxe ligne bowler in silver but not sure if it was dark silver. Hope this helps.