Anyone seen any Tutti at Macy's yet????

  1. :wtf:has anyone seen a Tutti in a Macy's yet??????:confused1:

    I am acting like a mad women....I have been calling and calling all 6 Macy's within a 20 mile radius of my house and not getting any new info...all I get from SA is

    1) I have no idea
    2) we just get them when we get them
    3) no, just the colorful ones nothing black and white

    the best so far

    4) just come down and look to see if we have what you want...

    Huh, I do not know about you guys but I work full time and just trying to be efficient by using the phone. I have got to use these Macy's gift cards before August 5th.
  2. Maybe it's a conspiracy and they don't want you to use the gift cards...yeah.
    My Macy*s never has toki, so I'm no help, but I've been waiting for them to be put on the site, so I can order something. Not that I should...
  3. I personally doubt that Macy's will have Tutti bags out before August 5th. They always seem to be way behind Pulse with their shipments.
  4. I've been calling around like crazy too. It takes me like 3 calls to speak to an SA and 2 more calls to find someone that's willing to look if they have Black and White Bags that aren't "stars". Some lady got my hopes up this morning and I asked her to check the inside and..... (5 minutes later).... the inside was red! It was a very disappointing day... I really hope they get them soon.
  5. probably not... because macys just got famaglia merely a few weeks ago >.<;
  6. I don't think you should wait around any longer, because I know they will not get the new print in time for you to use the rewards. I have already used my to get a lamore luna. I was told that you could always exchange for another print later as long as its the same style. So Just get the style you want first and exchange it later.
  7. I had the same strategy...but then I read the fine print on the back of the rewards cards...returns will not honor the value of the cards, once you turn the cards over they no longer have value :tdown:and therefore you will not get credit for an exchange. So if I pay $100 and $50 of it in cash and $50 in rewards cards. I actually will only receive credit for the $50 in cash....does this sound right?:confused1:
  8. I was told by the SA that helped me, that if I RETURNED the purse they would subtract the value of the cards, but I'm okay to exchange the purse for something else for the full value. I think I'll call tomorrow and double check. I don't think it even has to be for the exact same style. I'll post what I find out.
  9. Yes, if you do a return, you will not get the 50 rewards card value, and you will only get refunded for the 50 dollar you paid out of yoru pocket. However, if you are doing an exchange and the value of the bag is the same as the bag you have already purchased, then you dont owe anything. You are bascially just doing an exchange, unless the value of the bag is different, I don't see why that would matter. SA from other Macys have confirmed that 2.
  10. Yah our Macy's here gets stuff a couple weeks after Pulse and I just saw that we got famiglia so it'll be a while for tutti to show up.
  11. I've been waiting too... I hate paying retail and I keep hoping I'll find a tutti for at least 15% off or SOMETHING... .:graucho:

    anyhoo... those of you calling around Bay Area/CA... please post when you get word of anything!!!!! :yes:

    I might just use my gift cards to buy some clothes... some of mine are getting a bit tattered... spending too much on tokidoki... my closet is suffering!!!! :rolleyes:
  12. I just came back from Stoneridge and Walnut Creek and nothing at Macy's or Nordies yet. I want by bag so bad:crybaby:!!!
  13. I called downtown Seattle yesterday and the Tokidoki Specialist said, Tutti will be in in the next two weeks. Not really new news, but I thought I'd post. I'll call every couple days and let you know if I hear anything!
  14. I tried doing an exchange of a bag that I bought pre-sale with the lesportsac discount and when I went back to try to exchange for the same style in a different print, it wasn't a perfect exchange...they still charged me for the difference. I didn't notice it until I went home but I was like "wtf?" I need to pay closer attention at the register!
  15. thx, please keep us posted. I call every day:okay: