Anyone seen any RTT's in cute colors around lately?

  1. I finally decided to get an RTT for travel/work.. but cant decide on a color... I dont think I want anything dark (too boring) or too light/white (will get dirty fast).. anyone seen any around lately? TIA
  2. There is a Jaune one on!
  3. Miss Louise in Melbourne, Australia.

    Their prices are WAY high though.

    GL with your search!
  4. I'm new to BBags, but couldn't find the RTT anywhere in the reference section - does it go by another name? If not, anyone know what the dimensions are - it looks like a nice size. TIA
  5. Does anyone happen to know if BalNY ordered the RTT for S/S 08? TIA!
  6. I haven't tried the bag on or seen in IRL but I've seen posts that say its between the brief and weekender in size.. I would love to try it though.....I tried the brief for size and I love it but the opening is too small to get books/laptop in.... I did call balenciaga and ask about it and they said they have ordered it for spring so I'm waitlisted for it in bubble gum pink, aloha rag has it in a few colors i think violet, black maybe a forest green too... Hope it helps:supacool:
  7. ^^ Thanks! BalNY did not order any regular hardware Briefs for S/S 08, so maybe the RTT is a nice substitute. Is the RTT available in both hardwares, or is it one of the styles that only comes in giant hardware? I'm sure this query has been covered before, but without the search function, I'm lost!

    BTW, what is the retail in US$ for the RTT? Thanks again!
  8. Price: $1865.... Not sure about the RH but I believe it only comes in GH correct me if I'm wrong cause its a newer style ;)
  9. Highly recommend the violet - crazy about mine! The handles are longer than the work and weekender.