Anyone seen any of AW07 season colours in the UK stores?

  1. Just wondering, if its worth a trip to Selfridges or Harvey Nichols yet?

    Dying to see these colours IRL, as so far none of them are doing it for me. :tdown:
  2. I went last weekend and they said it was going to be about 2-3 weeks to get the new stuff :wtf:!!! I also went to Harrods and they said the same thing. I am dying to see the new colors, but I won't be able to buy anything till August-Sept :crybaby:
  3. Thanks for letting me know.:heart:
  4. selfridges are definately expecting there new colours and styles within the next 2 weeks. they look amazing i have seen the colours and pictures, as i work for balenciaga!!!!
  5. You work for Balenciaga!! OMG!! How jealous are we all going to be - Oooh you can give us good info like - where is the cheapest and best place in the UK to buy BBags? I won't be able to make any new purchase until Nov/Dec and didn't know where to go?
  6. None of the pre-season colours were available on the 21st June at any of the authorised retailers in London and when I asked about new stock, they said that it won't be on display until after the sales. Let's hope that someone will post, when it finally arrives in our stores. I'd love to see paprika and cinnamon.
  7. I am nearly certain I saw some bags with silver GH in Selfriges London yesterday. I was in a rush and didn't have a chance to stop, so was eyeing what I could from the escalator on my way upstairs to buy a baby gift. If I had to guess from what I could tell they have Ocean and Tabac in. Sorry if this was not the info you were looking for.....