anyone seen any jewlery on sale?

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  1. anyone seen any jewlery on sale at any saks?
  2. My Saks had a few pieces, but I only remember a pair of earrings with long ribbons hanging down from them. Very cute though.
  3. I saw quite a few at BH SAKs and some at NM. sorry I dont quite remember the details, but I saw earrings, necklaces and some chain belts.
  4. idk about saks, but the nordstrom chanel boutique at topanga had a few pieces - there's still a set of five bangles in varying shades of blue or pastel colors (yellow, orange, pink, white) they were $675 for the set

    also they had a really pretty lavender butterfly shaped pendant necklace with gold chain and a tiny CC on the wing. the body of the butterfly is like an opal stone. and the original was $610 and i think it's like $410-450

    their phone number is 818 884 7900 ext 1255