Anyone seen any 227 reissues?

  1. I delayed deciding what color I wanted and now it seems that there aren't any available out there... I'd prefer to buy from a dept store than from a chanel. It seems like not many stores bought this size! Any leads would be appreciated! ;);)
  2. BTW, i saw the post about the black metallic, but i don't want one w/ gold hardware. (i realize i'm in no position to be picky here, but my 1st choice is dark silver!)
  3. I think I bought the last 227 black metallic with silver HW from Bloomingdales. I'm questioning the size now, as it's too big for me. I prefer the 226.
  4. I got my 227 metallic navy from the boutique.
  5. I have the 227 in metallic black and I love it:tup: Bought it at Nordstrom (Topanga). I actually have 2 on hold there(size 226 & 227)...was suppose to be for my sister but she wanted something different from me. Anyways...if you're interested PM me and I'll give you my SA info.
  6. Opps forgot...the ones I have on hold both have silver hardware.
  7. they were available in France 3 weeks purple, navy, blk, dark sliver ,dark green and gold
  8. I jsut spotted a green 227 at NM in Scottsdale, AZ. Ask for Joy!
  9. 227 navy reissue, at houston tx boutique, ask for Kiet.
  10. thanks everyone! i just got a dark silver 227 at chanel in soho today! will post pix tomorrow.
  11. I would like to know the SA your suggest. I had actually drove all the way to Topanga [1 hour drive] 2 weeks ago on the promise the day before from a SA that they had a Black Jumbo w/silver hardware, only to find when I get there that he was WRONG. Wait -- he actually had claimed to have a few. Either way I was so annoyed that even if they would have had something, I would have never given him the sale. I learned to make sure in the future that the SA [most would] actually had the item in hand to hold. Because I really liked their selection, I was considering go back just to look.

  12. I had a bad experience with an SA at topanga too. I had asked her for a specific bag, she took all my info including my credit card number and said she was too busy and that she would have to call me back (she was very rude the whole time we were on the phone) and then she hung up on me and NEVER CALLED ME BACK! Luckily my cc was never charged but since then I have gone back to my regular SA at Saks and NM instead.
  13. U might still get navy 227 from NM, but need to search for it! good luck!