Anyone seen any '07 colors in the Day available?

  1. Oh, I shouldn't have done it.... I creeped into the Balenciaga forum. I was doing SO WELL in general discussion these past couple of months but I just couldn't help myself :sweatdrop:

    I must have a Day in the French Blue & Grass Green!! I know it might be too early but has anyone seen these available anywhere yet? Oh, I'm also going for a padded :graucho:

    I'm so screwed! :nuts:
  2. I've only seen the day so far w/ the new LARGE hw
  3. Ok, Thanks! I'm not a fan of the big hardware so I guess I'm safe for now!
  4. Oh Acegirl, you are SOOOOOOOO screwed now - you do know about the Balenciaga addiction don't you?

    I haven't seen any of the new colours, I'm steering clear of Van Ravenstein as I'm on a little bit of a purse ban and I know if I go in there I'm bound to come out with something......OK, I could POSSIBLY break the ban once the argyle comes out.

    Good choice with regards to the style. The "Day" is a fabulous bag and would look fantastic in the colours you're after.
  5. Both colors are great choices :p I too have only seen them in the giant hardware so far... I bet the normal ones aren't too far behind.
  6. I'm lemming the french blue in a day as well. Can't wait until they come in!
  7. I tried to stay away..when I get started on B-bags, well, you girls know. It's like bag crack~ I can't have just 1 & be happy. I'm such a fan of the Day. I sold all my B-bags to fund some Chanels. Now I'm beating my head on the table because I really miss them! Guess I will be starting over again~ I'm really excited about the new colors. I'm a bright colored B-bag gal;) (other than the padded- I want me some black!)
  8. just got off the phone with Daphne - they have the day with regular hardware in cafe only so far
  9. Thanks for letting me know, that was so nice of you:flowers:
  10. that's the thing about these bbags - there's always cool colors coming up!!!:roflmfao:
  11. acegirl -- you are back! yay! i just laughed when i saw this thread. but i give you credit, you have been so good.
  12. ^^I agree. I want a day bag too.

    I need to find a rich husband :graucho:
  13. Hi Chi!! I tried, I really did..:upsidedown: