Anyone seen a white reissue?

  1. Would appreciate any leads finding a white medium sized reissue, preferably in lambskin but also caviar. Many thanks!!
  2. designer accessories at a fraction of the price.

    according to Classic Chic, this site is a legitimate second-hand LV reseller and I was just browsing when I saw your post!

    It's $1500 so the price is great - unless you were looking for a brand new one....I would get it myself at that price but I JUST bought the dark white reissue so....

    let us know if you get it!
  3. Have I got it wrong, the size -- thought the reissue medium is 11x8x2.5 and sold for $1995. The bag at jemznjewels is smaller. 9.5x6x2. Other than the size, it's what I'm looking for.