Anyone seen a Trish around?

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  1. I've been thinking about the Trish lately... I should have never of sold her. :sad: Has anyone seen one anywhere?
  2. Have you tried calling Nordstrom? I thought I heard the SA mention Trish when he was looking through the sale bags yesterday. Good luck!
  3. there's a dark brown one available on ebay right now that looks authentic to me.

    there was a black trish on sale at the other day, but it's gone now. here's the link in case you want to save it and check to see if it comes back:!1125800072&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446139642&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=282574492703685&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1180006017726&ev19=1:9

    good luck on your search and keep us updated!
  4. Aw, that's such a shame. I don't think I have seen Trish around. I will check SF Bloomingdales but I think your best bet would be ebay :sad:.
  5. i know- but its such a bumer because i bought the chili on sale for like $500 a couple of months ago, but i sold her. :sad: thanks for the help ladies...

    i called nordstroms but they have to check on it for me. thanks melly!
  6. The striping line is on sale at NM and bloomies, perhaps you can have an SA do a central search for you?
  7. I saw a Trish today at Bloomingdales San Francisco. It's in the Marc Jacobs section in the locked glass case.
  8. umm, it's weird that you pretend NOT to be Pat in this thread, but your screen name is Pat and in other threads you claim to be Pat.
    Please do not use us to advertise, you MAY NOT post your contact info here.
  9. I saw a trish at the Saks in Naples, FL last weekend. I'm almost positive it was brown or black. :smile:
  10. If it's the same ones that I saw last weekend, then those are Striping totes, not Trishes. The difference is that the totes have a large non-zipped opening on top, but nearly the same shape as the Trish.
  11. There are 2 in chilli at bloomingdales sf
  12. thithi, good lookin' out, but I did see a brown trish today (I've been @ bloomie's 3 days in a row this week!) in the glass case. My old SA let for greener pastures, but I did meet an awesome new SA today. His name is Robert and he knows his stuff!
  13. Hey Couturefemme thanks for the shout out! It was a pleasure helping you, stop by anytime!:smile:
  14. thanks for all the heads up!! my saks sa called me back after i spoke with him two weeks ago and he has one for me- i dont want to jinx it, but it should be here on monday:yahoo:
  15. nice! what color?
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