Anyone seen a Steel RH City?

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  1. My boyfriend wants to buy me my second Bbag and I'm interested in a Steel RH City (preferably new). Are there any out there? I've called a couple places here in NY, but had no luck :sad: Any help is much appreciated :flowers:
  2. Do you mean 2007's Pre Fall/Winter colour? fashion-cult just updated Cult Status stock list & it shows a Plomb/Steel City.
  3. I saw Cult Status but the prices seem a bit expensive (I believe it's 1895 for a City). Maybe I'll just have to find another color to get.
  4. try giving the NM at International Mall, Tampa a call. they have alot of older season bags. they even have some o6's left, so there's a possibility they still have a steel.
  5. ^^ Just gave them a call and the girl told me they never received Steel bags.