Anyone seen a Sahara SGH Work?

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  1. Hi all, would be grateful if anyone could give me a headsup.

    I know AR has sold out their Saharas and won't be getting any more in. Haven't seen any on Diabro so far.

    Thanks in advance! :lol:
  2. I actually called the Balenciaga store in NY and had them send me a picture...So, I know they have it...but be careful - if you decide to buy it at the store, make sure you love it before you buy it...because the store won't accept returns...I will post the here for you to see.. Good luck...
  3. Here is a pic I got from BalNY about a month ago...


    Hope this helps!
  4. wow so beautiful~~ personally I think sahara might look better with GGH
  5. Thanks guys.. I can't see the pictures though :sad:
  6. hey girl... bal hk has GGH sahara work. dont remember seeing any SGH. the GGH pop is really awesome on sahara. let me know if u want me to check out how much it is.

    fyi bal ny ships for usd 70. u could check out bal paris, think it may work out cheaper than bal ny