Anyone seen a RH violet or Jaune weekender?

  1. Hi girls am hunting for a RH Violet or Jaune weekender, these are the colours I think will be easier to find than say eggplant! TIA

    try Song, located in austria and they had the violet weekender in RH last week.
  3. Hi i tried them but they only have a black and a violet with GSH now.... :sad:
  4. try cult status pc22! i think i've seen someone listed what they've got from other thread! good luck
  5. Ok will do! thanks benzie!
  6. there is a thread that says aloha rag has one.....
  7. Yeah that was me! Thanks girls i am no longer on the hunt as i scored an eggplant weekender!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I think that all bets must be on you to win the Star Shopper of the month award!!!
  9. haha...seeing this post today made me laugh after reading your first post in this thread yesterday.
  10. I know i nearly had a heart attack when i saw her and hit bin so fast! I have never wanted a bbag as much as i did a eggplant WE! :heart: