Anyone seen a RH Day in BC, Ruby or Evergreen?

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  1. I'd given up on red Bal bags this season after hearing how brown the BC was but I decided to check out some of the new pics (have been staying away - easier on the wallet) of the BC and Ruby and they are gorgeous and since I sold my RT Purse because the straps didn't work for me and I really want a red bag, I'm back to looking for a new Day. If anyone's seen a nice red/purplish (not so brownish) BC Day (RH) or a Ruby one, please let me know where you saw it. Also, same on the Evergreen - sold my Sapin City as the shoulder strap wouldn't stay on so am looking for a new green bag as well!
  2. I bought a Ruby Day with RH yesterday at NM in Atlanta. However, it was the only one they had. If you call your NM on the West Coast, they will probably have it. Hope you find it!!
  3. Check NM SF, my SA called me about it last week but I passed.
  4. Saw a Ruby RH Day on Monday at NM SF
  5. Thx guys - will be calling NM SF today - was hoping I could get into the city this week, but all my meetings pushed to next week - argh;) Work is not helping out with my bag obsession right now at all!
  6. Call Balenciaga LA. My SA Carrie said they pretty much had every style in the the fall colors! :tup: good luck!!
  7. I saw a ruby day with RH at Cult Status in Perth, Australia yesterday. Was really good leather :smile:
  8. What do you think of the colour Hayley? *enquiring mind wants to know* :idea:
  9. Oh and how much was the Day going for in Cult Status?
  10. i thought the leather looked really nice and very even and thick... not very shiny and quite matte if this is your thing ... specially compared to the charbon i saw there as well, which was much more distressed and shiny. So yeah it was really very nice, but in the end not really for me ... a bit flat maybe? i dont like my bags to be very veiny, so in this respect i liked, but the colour on this was too opaque for me. or maybe i am just not that into reds after all :smile:

    Am hoping i will love the marine ....
  11. May I know if anyone saw Ruby in Step? Heard rumours that Ruby doesn't come in Step??? :shrugs:
  12. Regular Price is 1,495 AUD ... Export Price (No GST) is 1,359 AUD ... Not sure how that compares to US prices ... do you know swissaus?