Anyone seen a python little stam in ivory/turquise or navy/pink?

  1. Hello all,
    My sister has her heart set on this least for a moment. Any locations would be much appreciated (preferrably Neiman's, Saks, Nordstrom). Thank you!
  2. there were at least 4 navy pink on sales at Chicago Saks yesterday for $692.
    Also 2 navy pink at chicago Neimans for $626
    you can give them a call to have it put on hold for 2nd cut for extra 33% off Saks or 25% off neimans
    good luck

    p.s. Nordstrom Chicago has none of the MJ on sale, dont even bother!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Last time I checked, there was one on sale at the Purse Store in Maryland:
  5. Saks NYC had quite a few python small stams on sale.
  6. They had the ivory turquoise at the NM in was still there you should try giving them a call today.
  7. i saw two on ebay right now