anyone seen a python flap in red?

  1. Hi.
    I've been curious about this color...anyone seen a photo of the python flap in red? Is it more of a coral red, tomato red or deep red?
  2. Someone posted a picture. I think it was either Chanelboy or DJO? I'd call it a tomato red.
  3. It's definitely more a tomato red - warm with orange undertones. Mariz, I'm with you and I adore the Chanel pythons, but decided not to get this one because it's really similar to my old LV vernis rouge -- which is different from the new LV vernis pomme d'amour that just came out. It's also a little harder to match to shoes because most red shoes are blue-based red. It's still downright gorgeous, but I was gonna hold out until a blue-red one came out.
  4. Mariz, here's a pic from personalshopper's red python. The best color to describe it is pomegranate.
  5. Thanks, w-jade. I think you're right... I would pass on this,too.
    Have you seen the bronze (khaki)? I heard its beautiful. What do you think?
  6. Mariz,
    There were 3 metallics in the flap from 07C. It came in bronze, dark silver, and copper. I was in Geneva and fell in love with the bronze python & I have that one. The dark silver python I have never seen, but if it's anything like the dark silver reissue I have, it should be stunning. The copper is also amazing, but I can only reference this picture from Elle mag & I've been looking for the copper with no luck. Elle lists it as bronze, but I saw the Chanel catalogue, and it was actually called COPPER. I don't think the copper one was introduced in the US because it's been in Asian magazines. Hope it helps.