Anyone seen a Part Time RH in Violet?

  1. Aloha Rag didn't order it.

    I'm on the list for it at BalNY, but not clear when/if they're going to get it.

    Has anyone seen it at Neiman's?
  2. I was told that NM didn't order the PT. I called specifically for the Violet SGH, so it's possible she was only referring to that, versus the RH.
  3. Darn it! Okay. The only thing is, I know that Neiman's SA's don't always have the correct info at their the Part Time w/SGH may still turn up. Keep your ears/eyes open. ;)
  4. Well, I just called BalNY and talked to a super-sweet guy (could this be the new one named "Bill"?) and he said I was right in the middle of the list for the Part Time RH in Grape, so I should be OK. He didn't have an ETA.
  5. Good to hear! Be sure to share pics once you get her!
  6. a part time in RH would be a lovely choice! Can't wait for u to get her! I'm sure it will be worth the wait when it arrives!!!
  7. I hang out at Neimans all the time...and they've had just about everything else but not PT...At one time I saw a Violet City with RH...
  8. xxx
  9. They had everything else!? Do they still have them?
    Could you tell us the styles the NM had, the last time you were there??
  10. They had several Works w/rh but there was only 1 Violet RH...I'm not sure if they have it now because this was over a week ago. Its seems like the Works were green and brown RH. They also had Black PT in RH.
    They had Jaune Work w/GSH
    Violet Work w/GSH
    Cinnamon PT w/GSH
    I don't have the # right with me but its NM in Dallas...
  11. Wait a minute...I thought Neiman's in Dallas does not carry Balenciaga. Do you mean Barney's? Or does Neiman's in Dallas now carry Balenciaga!?!
  12. Sorry, You're right...It was Barneys...:tispy:
  13. problem. I like to keep up on these things, so I just wanted to make sure. ;)
  14. THANK you!!!

    If anyone knows the # for Barney's Dallas, could you post that, please???:girlsigh:
  15. ^tooshies, the number for Barneys Dallas is (469) 221-4722.

    fiat - can't wait to see your pics of your PT!!