anyone seen a large pocket paddy in black

  1. I am looking to buy the large pocket paddy in black and I prefer spring 06 not the brand new one that is coming out. the black is slightly different on the new fall one and they call it the new shopper tote. If you happen to see one while out shopping put it on hold for me and pm me. Nordstrom is doing a search but so far no luck. thanks, Loren
  2. I love the large pocket paddy. I got an Edith shopper in Nutmeg and in Jade on order. My SA, Tracy, was awesome.
  3. Hi Loren! Do you by any chance have a picture of the pocket paddy you want? Is this the one?


  4. Hi Loren! Me again...this one (of course in black)?

  5. yep, the second one, that's the one I want. The side straps are different and it is slightly larger and more expensive than the small pocket paddy, now called the new shopper tote. (they must have stopped making the old shopper tote) Keep your eyes out. thanks
  6. Hi Loren! I just got that one in BRUN at the Chloe boutique in Costa Mesa, CA. They have it in black as well :smile: It goes for 1,860, $2004 with tax. The ph # is (714)481-0308 and Alana is the nicest SA. I'm not sure if they do ph orders but it's worth a try :yes: I LOVVVVE my bag and it's a great size! Good luck!
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