Anyone seen a Jaune Day....

  1. in RH or SH at aT Neiman Marcus...anywhere!!
  2. SH day in Jaune at Barneys seattle is all I know of- good luck!
  3. Aloha rag as one left with SGH.
  4. I rang today and was told that they don't stock Day in Jaune G/S GH :confused1:

  5. It's not Neimans, but Barneys Dallas has a Juane Day in SGH and the leather is unbelievable. You would love love the leather on it!!!
  6. Romie-Omie, do you happen to know the number for Barneys Dallas or a recommended SA?

    TIA :heart:
  7. 469.221.4700. As far as a SA, the one that helped me was Carla, I think?? But there has never really been anyway just fantastic there that stands out. They always give me inaccurate info. They had it at closing time so it should be there in the morning. The leather is some of the best I have seen!
  8. Thanks for the info :nuts:
    I am high in anticipation here..
    What time do they open?

    TIA :heart:
  9. 10 AM , CST. They also had a Juane Work w/RH and the leather on that one was equally as fantastic. It was hard for me to leave it behind! Keep me posted on the Juane Day and let me know if you get it!
  10. Thank you Romie-omie :nuts:
    I just hope it will be as you described it and with GGH and finally ship it to my personal shopper in US instead of me in Sydney here..

  11. OH NO :sad:, you just said GGH, but my first post said SGH........Sorry, they only had the SGH, not the GGH.
  12. Ack :wtf:
    I just noticed too Romie-omie..

    I just got so excited I was mistaken it..

    Hey, no need to apology, you are too sweet :smile: thanks for the info anyway, will keep trying!
  13. AR has jaune day with SGH too as of yesterday
  14. i know barneys bh has a rh jaune day as of today.
  15. Yikes I am calling them in the morning how was the leather on it??