anyone seen a guccissima indy in new york?

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  1. this is to all new york-shoppers- has anyone of you seen a guccissima chocolate leather indy at any store around new york? I am planning to buy the medium indy (, but I am wondering why it is not available online right now. isn´t it a common and seasonless handbag? do you think it will be hard to get? or do they usually have it at the designer boutiques (Saks, neiman`s etc).

    thank you!!!
  2. the guccisima indy that i've seen has been at Saks and neiman. i saw them in the late 07...that is where i picked up mine. Mine is not the brown though, its the gunmetal color

    good luck

  3. i recently went to the gucci store and wanted to look at this bag (you can see it is on my wish list here heeheee) and the SA told me they didn't have it but it could be ordered. i am not in ny but i am sure if you go to to a store they could help you. the bag is to die for~ *drool*

  4. thank you shorty! I hope they can order it because it i not available online right now...