Anyone seen a DISTRESSED CAVIAR with MM Lock anywhere

  1. I am looking for size MEDIUM that is selling for $2275 in BLACK.
    (not the Jumbo at $2595 ..aka the Courtney Cox bag)).
    The Jumbos seem to be around but I have not come across the medium.

    Please PM me or post if you know where one is hiding. I know the classics are going up in price...but I hope this one will not be affected by the price increase....but just in case I want to get it now. LOL
  2. I think I saw one at NM, Palo Alto on Monday. 650-329-3300 ask for Katherine
  3. I am looking for the jumbo distressed caviar! I just asked a SA at a Chanel boutique and she said she never heard of it... anyone know where I can find one? TIA!
  4. Are you in the US or Europe? I saw a few here and there in the European Chanel stores...
  5. Call Bloomingdales, New York City. They had a medium distressed caviar.
  6. I saw one at both NM in Downtown San Francisco and Palo Alto, and one at Downtown SF Chanel Boutique.
  7. I live in the US... does anyone know if the new chain is the same length as the old one (with leather)... b/c I like how long the original chains are on the jumbo, so that you can wear it messenger style... but I love the look of the new chain more. Thanks again!
  8. The chain on the distressed caviar jumbo w/ MM lock is shorter than that on the original (regular caviar) jumbo flaps. Original jumbos with leather-intertwined chains have the same chain length as the '07 "regular" caviar jumbo flaps with silver Bijoux chain. So many variations this year that it can get confusing.
  9. last wk, NM las vegas still has it
  10. I've only seen it in bordeaux and white.....