Anyone seen a black ultimate soft at any Saks?

  1. I'm desperately seeking a black ultimate soft and I'd like to purchase from Saks if I can. Have any of you seen one at your local store? I'm hoping to snag one soon! Are they really that hard to find? I haven't started the hunt yet but I'll be on the prowl tommorow.
    Thanks so much!
  2. Which size are you looking for? AFAIK the large (non-quilted, $1675) and the medium (quilted, $1475) in black are all sold-out at Saks (and most likely Chanel boutiques nationwide as well).
  3. I ordered the large yesterday, and was told there were three showing on the inventory computer. I'm not sure where, though, and mine is being shipped.
  4. Wow, that's good news then! When I ordered mine (the large black Ultimate Soft, $1675 one) over a month ago it showed up in their computers as one of the last 2 in the Saks nationwide system, and the other one was a store display one. Maybe they re-stocked?.....or could it be returns?.....I don't really know then.
  5. when i called around, the med. was all sold out, mine is a return, but there should be a couple large and the small in some of the saks stores.
  6. Oh how sad for me! I was looking for a medium.
  7. what's the size of the large one and med one?
  8. Chanel will re-release the ultimate soft (i'm not talking about the sombrero) the original in dark brown later this summer.
  9. whoa, is that true? will it be the same price? any idea who will be getting it? chanel boutiques or the department stores? thanks

  10. sweet! i am dying for this bag! i always seem to get in the know late...and everythign seems to be sold Canada you need to know beforehand when things come out and pre-purchase it seems. :hysteric:
  11. just saw someone selling a median black on eBay. looks auth:smile:
  12. There's a small black at Saks in NYC.
  13. Thanks everyone. I think I've given up. I saw the small at the NYC store. That was weeks ago. They said it was on hold for a customer. It was way too small. I'm sure I'll fall in love again!
  14. I was at Saks Chevy Chase MD yesterday and I'm pretty sure I saw a black medium ultimate soft there. I know they had it in beige. If they have it, perhaps you can have them ring it up for the next ECG event which is around the 22nd of this month. Hope I'm correct in what I saw.
  15. My SA just got it for me today... i'm soo ecstatic!!! good luck!