Anyone seen '07 Black Legacy shoulder bags...

  1. At any outlet??? I *NEED*!

    If you have, could you please tell me the outlet it was at and if you have their number handy...THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!

    I hope they would do a charge/send...I think I have read that they will send one to the outlet near you for the same price???
  2. Not the black, but they had Whiskey ones at the Round Rock ,TX outlet a week ago.
  3. And the Raisin at Round Rock.
  4. Ever since I got the whiskey one I'm feeling like I NEED the black too :lol:

    If I have any luck, I'll report back! They must be out there somewhere since they're showing up on eBay.

    Good luck :tup:
  5. Well, I called a million outlets and they only have today I got one off of eBay for $257 NWT....more than the cost at the outlet but still almost $200 less than the black ones one are going for...I wonder if the black ones ARE all going to outlets? Since they are still on but the whiskey ones aren't and there are TONS of the whiskey on ebay now...haha! :smile:
    I KNOW>......after you have one you NEED more of those!!!!! I LOVE my khaki/black one too! AND my '06 whiskey! :smile:
  6. That's still a great deal - congrats! :tup:

    Thanks for the info, maybe the ones showing up on ebay were returns or slipped through the cracks. I did think it was weird the black is still on Maybe I'll just hold out & in the meantime get the khaki/black with PCE. Decisions, decisions lol.

    Enjoy all of your lovely legacy :yahoo: