Anyone seen 06 legacy in NY outlets??

  1. Anyone?? or NJ or PA??
  2. Lancaster... look at my post in the big outlet thread.
  3. Negative at Woodbury!
  4. lancaster is too far from me... what about tannersville? if not, i m going to riverhead!!
  5. I went to Tannersville saturday morning when they opened & they had some legacy. Alot of white leather, limited whiskey, no black. There were a few of the big satchels in I think natural? They were a really light color... or is that khaki? I'm not sure but it was nice. I just didn't want to spend $300 on a bag when I was hitting the boutique on the way home lol. There was more legacy signature than anything. Not sure what's left, but it's worth calling to see. Good luck :tup: