Anyone seeing Fireworks?

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  1. Tonight there will be fireworks at a nearby beach. One one hand, I feel like I should get out, lots of people will be there. On the other hand, I'm too lazy, lol
    I feel like everyone is out doing stuff and I'm just sitting here.
    Anyone else going out to see Fireworks?
  2. Tomorrow night I'm going out. But right now as I speak I can hear my neighbors letting them go off like crazy. My dog isn't enjoying this lol
  3. We're going to see a movie tomorrow night instead of watching the fireworks show over the river. If our weather here was under 100 degrees everyday I would like being outdoors more but the heat is unbearable.
  4. Fireworks in the town next to me are tonight; I'm waiting for my town's fireworks tomorrow, on the 4th.
  5. We lit some fireworks off tonight, but they were nothing spectacular. Actually, they were pretty terrible. Haha oh well. I'll probably take my kids tomorrow night, but I live in Myrtle Beach and right now it's flooded with tourists so traffic is absolutely horrific.. Hopefully it won't deter me though.
  6. I heard some fireworks tonight, in between the claps of thunder! The weather hasn't been very conducive to fireworks here in Maine; it's pretty much rained non-stop for the last month.

    I am hopeful that tomorrow will be nice enough that I can justify fighting with the crowds in Portland, because they usually put on a decent show.
  7. I don't normally go to fireworks shows.

    I don't think I need to, actually, because on Victoria Day people have set them off in their backyard.

    Yesterday I missed most of the show, but I did see some going off by the CN Tower.

    All of this I can see from my balcony.

    I know it's not the same as the big spectacular set to, say, The 1812 Overture, but I think it's kind of cool that I get my own "show".
  8. Tomorrow at Del Mar beach baby!
  9. I'll be at work during our town's fireworks show. Other years I usually BBQ in the backyard and watch them from there.
  10. There's going to be fireworks tonight at the Hudson River. I'll be there to watch!
  11. I'm headed home to surprise my family for the day and go watch fireworks at the beach - can't wait! :smile:
  12. Sadly, no. Live in Germany and the army base near here doesn't do fireworks... :sad:
  13. i saw the one in my area already...i think it was on monday.
    ppl said the guy was busy on 7/4 so we were having it early.

    it was beautiful...i am glad i saw it.
  14. I'm going tonight--so excited! I love the chrysanthemum and willow ones!