anyone see this scarf lately?

  1. [​IMG]

    what is the official name for this scarf?

    Can someone also post the link to the coach find this thread?! Thanks!
  2. I saw it at the outlets, I think it may have been made for the outlets exclusively (but i may be wrong?)
  3. Oh I love this scarf! I saw a few on eBay the other night, and I think they were calling it something like psychadelic Valentine scarf.
  4. I saw it at the outlet this past weekend also.
  5. Yes, I have's called psych valentine pony. I have the tag, and I think the number is 98326. It's definitely at the outlets..that's where I got mine.
  6. my nearest outlet is 2 hours away! :tdown:

    how much are they going for at the outlets?
  7. I also got this one in the outlet about two weeks ago.
  8. Yes, these were at the outlets for $29. Perhaps they'll go down now?
  9. I got one at the outlet in Jan. for $29. You can see it below tied to my legacy bag.