Anyone see this Romy Tote??

  1. I saw this romy tote in BLACK PATENT during the presale. It was 11 hundreds I think. I thought the shape of the bag is kinda funny for that much of a price. So I didnt get it. And now everytime I wore my romy heels. I just can't stop thinking of the romy tote. :crybaby: I think I have to get it . And now my question is. Does anyone happen to see this tote bag onsale anywhere?? If so, please let me know the store location. And I wonder if they mark it down further more?? TIA.
  2. You may want to call the outlets... I am pretty sure it was on sale a couple of weeks ago in the stores but most stores have since liquidated
  3. Noegirl is right...Gucci shipped everything out. Maybe you could try a NM/Saks though?
  4. ITA. try the outlets, normally whatever is left over gets send directly to the outlets.
  5. Oh yeah NM/Saks may still have some straggling bags... I didn't even think about that.
  6. Thank you guys. I just called the Woodbury. They dont have the Romy yet. But the SA I spoke to said that they probably will receive some shipment within a week or two. So I think I'll just have to wait for it then. In the mean time. Maybe I should call Saks up. Hopefully I can track one down. Since they're having a second cuts. :smile: The style of this Romy Tote looking very funny I swear. Can't picture myself or anyone carry one :smile: Must be a BRAVE one.:graucho:
  7. There is one Romy flat bag in silver python at NM San Antonio left on sale