anyone see this MYSTERY AUCTION on ebay?

  1. That is sooo odd....who would do this?
  2. mystery fake
  3. I've seen that done with Coach auctions too... whoever it is makes good money off it curious bidders, thats for sure.
  4. how did it ends with the coach bag vick? did it ends with a high price?
    if it turns out an awful suprise, which i'm 90% sure of, i would say that CURIOSITY MIGHT KILL A CAT :P in this case, kill credit card...
  5. They just had a article in our newspaper last week about a local guy bidding on a mystery box on Ebay that was promised good things in it and got crap....I think he tried to sue for fraud but I did not read the whole article. I think he ended up stuck because he was buying the box only and what was inside was extra but I do believe it was misrepresented. I think people are crazy to bid on mystery anything and I think anyone doing Ebay is taking a chance to be burned no matter what.
  6. Mystery auctions are a crack up! I can't believe people bid on them. They sure have a lot of hope and faith! And hopefully a lot of money to burn.
  7. Yeah, I would never trust a mystery auction.

    "I would be bidding, you guys R CRAZY waiters just watching this deal of a liftime pass you by!" Come on girls, bid away! :roflmfao:
  8. I've seen this for Chanel bags and Prada's too. I once saw one that promised a Jaguar, fine china, diamonds, etc. for $10,000.
  9. ^ wow! :wtf:
  10. The auctions over now. Looks like the winning bidder paid .99cents

  11. ^ yeah, i've seen that. that poor lady will get a nasty fake bag.