Anyone see this included in any sale?

  1. In my thread about the "clueless SA" I talked about this gorgeous MBMJ Faridah hobo that I saw. She said they just got them in this week and they had four different colors. I believe black, stone, orange?! and yellow?! (unsure about the last two.) But anyway I thought this bag was from Fall 08 and would possibly be on sale. The SA told me it was full price because they just got it in. Here is a pic. of what the bag looks like. If anyone has seen this bag for sale and or know that it is on sale. Please, please let me know!!! TIA
  2. I think I saw the Faridah on the Bloomingdales site on sale, but they have since sold out of them.

    They're coming out with the Resort colors (the yellow and the poppy color, I believe) so those will be the regular price ones.
  3. I purchased that bag in Mouse Grey from Zappos. I also saw them at Nordstorms at the Short Hills Mall in NJ earlier during the week. I saw black, grey, yellow and poppy. None were on sale though.

    I love this bag!!!
  4. Does anyone have the sale link from Bloomies online? I would definitely keep checking back in case one was returned~ TIA
  5. I'm jonesing for one of these. They had them in gray at the Bloomingdale's in Friendship Heights (DC), but they weren't on sale. :sad:

    Are these new? I want it in black...but I'm willing to bide my time until they go on sale.
  6. MPJ, I'm a total newbie when it comes to this brand. All I can say is, I received an email from Zappos about 2 weeks ago saying they had some new MbMJ styles, so I checked out the site and immediately fell in love with this bag. There was something about it. I just went for it (after I asked about the Mouse Grey color here). I'm so happy I did. I had been searching for a grey bag and hadn't found anything to my liking.

    In my own experience, it seems that I truly love the bags I pay full retail price for (like my Balenciaga Day for example or even my Lucky Hobo) than bags that I get a great deal on and either end up returning or trying to sell.

    Good luck with your decision!!
  7. Oh I wish wish wish I could...I just can't pay full price right now, what with all the Chrismukkah shopping and an upcoming trip home (back to CA) in spring. I also have a bag I need to sell before I can buy a new one (an MJ multipocket). :girlsigh:
  8. MPJ, I understand! I hope you are able to get your bag at a price you can afford. Good luck!!
  9. This bag was at Bloomingdales/Beverly Center, LA when i was there on Saturday. They also had it in the mouse gray. though not sure if it was on sale. they had a bunch of mbymj bags grouped together and some were 30% off.
  10. Thanks for the tip! I should definitely call.