Anyone see these Coach Flip Flops?

  1. I was drooling over some flip flops that a fellow PF'er posted last night.

    The metallic ones with the C's (April Metallic) in both colors!

    I have spent all morning calling Coach stores from Florida to New York City to Boston to NH.


    When I give them the UPC#, that doesn't even come up!


    If anyone comes across these, can you PLEASE message me with the store phone #? I am a size 11 and want both Gunmetal Silver and Gold Bronze in the April Metallic Flip Flops Style # A8065.

    I am a desperate woman!:nuts:
  2. If anyone sees them in a 7 as well, let me know!!
  3. It's so frustrating because I called like 10 Macy's this morning and some of the SA's were "too busy" to check for me!
    You don't say that!
    Anyways, my Macy's does not carry shoes.
    I am tired of calling and waiting on hold forever to be told, "sorry, we do not have this style"!
    So, if any of you are at Macy's today or tomorrow and happen to see these, I would really appreciate it if you PM'd me.
    I want these badly!
  4. Im going to my Macys in just a few minutes. I'll be glad to look for them for you while Im there. I'll let you know as soon as I get back;)
  5. My Macys had these although a smaller store but I am not sure what size or the number for them. Here is the phone number but not the direct shoes and just ask for women's shoes. 412-787-9777
  6. Lord and Taylor also carry Coach shoes, so does Nordstroms.

    I would call around to them.
  7. I should tell you I am in Pittsburgh and it is lunch hour now EST so probably not a good time to call until after 1:30.
  8. ^^Thank you, janfill!^^
    It's busy, so I'll keep trying!
  9. I only want to purchase them from Macy's because they are half off and its F&F!

    Thanks for your tip, though!
  10. do you have a pic, i think i saw them at DSW yesterday.
  11. holy crap, half off?! :graucho:
    You can see a pic on the May purchases thread.

    I just called Janfill's store and no size 11.
  13. oh, trust me, i've seen them! i've been wanting them, too!
  14. These are the stores I have called that do not have this style at all:
    Boston MA stores,
    NH stores,
    Brooklyn, NY,
    Herald Square, NYC.