Anyone see the Vixen Hobos IRL?

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  1. I'm torn between the small and large. They say the large is more of a medium size on the Luna Boston Website. The small looks really small. I can carry a medium sized bag but I don't want a huge bag. Any help would be appreciated :smile:
  2. I would probably compare it to the Bryant's sizing. They look very similar.
  3. I ordered the Black Hobo (Lg) and should have it in the near future. I'll be sure to post pics. I am pretty sure it is like the Bryant as Rachie says. I wrote to Botkier when they first came out asking about the Mini. It seems to me the Mini is too small and the Larger one is too large. The one on Luna Boston looks Huge but I am wondering if the model is 4'9" and 87 lbs.
  4. Hmmmmm....I wonder if I should get a small Sasha then? I'm so tempted by the Vixen! The one on the LB site does look dh was like, are you sure you want that one? Reading the descrip though, it says it's a perfect medium size bag. But given how huge bags are now, it could still mean that's it's at least LARGE!

    I wonder if maybe I should just go for a Bryant on eBay? I really want a new (from a retail store) bag though for my anniversary.

    Please do post pics of your bag when you receive it! I may end up ordering it myself though :smile: Thank you!
  5. Lexie2000, I ordered a black Vixen in Lg for me too :yahoo:. Just could not stop myself today:nuts:. And to think that I was looking for the wine/ruby/red bag and ended buying the black one:biggrin:. I asked LB about the model in the modelling pictures and they said the model was 5'7". I could not decide between the small and the large one either. But I am 5'9", so I went with the large. I have a similar sized Coach bag (though it is a satchel/tote kind). I would say it IS big. But Botkier Hobo should NOT look that big because of it's shape. I had a peek at this bag when I read one of your old posts about Vixen and fell in love with it too:love:. BTW I love the cat on your avatar. I have a soft spot for cats:love: (so do I for handbags:smile:)
  6. I am assuming the bag is going to be the difference in size kind of how the Sophie small and large tote are, maybe. The Sophie large is HUGE but the Sophie small is just a TAD too small.

    Personally, I went for the small and was very happy with my choice. The large just would have been too much for me and I'm not a teeny girl at 5'5.

  7. That's good to know! Would you say it was small small or a small mediumish bag?
  8. The Sophie? My Sophie is a smal-mediumish bag and it's considered the small.

    They only came in small and large. Wouldn't it be nice if they did mediums also? LOL.
  9. My DH also said it was kind of big (on the pic). I have a bag of similar size to Vixen mini and I love it as much as I love my big bags. I would say (judging by my bag) the capacity description is pretty accurate on LB. Shoulder drop is good and it should sit nicely on the shoulder. I loved this size, I think it is very sexy:yes::love:. I had hard time choosing . When I go out with my toddler I need to throw a thing or two in the purse, so I decided on the bigger size. Otherwise I would have bought the mini - it is just so cute:drool:. I will share more insights once my Vixen arrives:smile:
  10. ^^^^ yes and post modeling pics, obviously! =)

  11. I think I may go bigger....I have a 4 year old and we are together all the time until he start kindergarten next year. I like the looks of the bigger one too. Can't wait to see pics from you and Lexie!
  12. I ended up getting the large in Black :smile: I figure I can always return it for the small. I'll post pics when I get it!
  13. AlohaGirl01, I think you got the last one from LB:yahoo:, because it's not listed there anymore. I would love to see your pictures. Will try to post mine, though I've never done it before:blush:.
  14. I think I did too! When I was trying to order it would not let me get it at first and then all of a sudden I was able to add it to my cart! My heart dropped when I thought it was gone! I'm so excited! Size wise, they said it was similar to a HH Havana Hobo (in case anyone else wanted to know :smile:

    Please post pics Praline when you get it! I can walk you through it. Go to a site like Photobucket.
    1) Download your pics
    2)Resize to email size (you hit the resize button)
    3)I think you copy the 2nd link
    4)Come back to TPF, click the postcard looking link at top of post page and paste your may have to do it twice.

    If anyone has an easier way, please let us know :smile:
  15. Ohh, I know the feeling:sweatdrop:. Glad that you got it :woohoo:. Thank you for the instructions, I will try my best:yes:.