Anyone see the new Y Mail bags out in the stores yet ??

  1. Just curious, as I haven't seen any, YSL did email me last month to tell me they would be released in the next few weeks. thanks !!
  2. I've seen it in the YSL store itself, last Sunday. The small satin one. I didn't even want to touch it because of size + expense :lol:
  3. Worse, I do NOT have a YSL store near me. I've seen the satin clutch online though. Very nice.
  4. Hi Travelbliss!

    Do you mean these:


  5. Here is more info. from AsiaOne:

    So you have been griping about how the coolest buys are usually bagged overseas?
    Here's good news from French luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). It recently announced that before the end of the month, its latest Y-Mail collection of bags (top picture) and leather goods will go on sale first in Asia.
    This will be followed by the Y-Mail Red collection, which will be available only in Asia from next month.

    The Y-Mail collection was created for spring/summer 2008 as a tribute to the brand's first official headquarters at Paris' famous Rive Gauche, on the left bank of the Seine River.
    The area has come to be known as one of the most romantic and artistic districts in the French capital.
    What YSL creative director Stefano Pilati has done is to emboss onto an assortment of leather and satin goods founder Yves Saint Laurent's personal manuscript of the address of the historical building.
    An imprint of a French postage stamp and a YSL logo complete the look.

    Available in black, gold and silver, prices range from $180 for a mirror case to $1,840 for a medium-sized tote.
    Prices for the Y-Mail Red collection range from $180 for a mirror case to $670 for a mini handbag.
    The main difference between the two lines is that the latter comes only in, you've guessed it, a fire-engine red.
  7. yup. i live in asia and they're out now. :smile: i love the satin clutch
  8. Thanks everyone !! Those are what I am talking about !!!
    I guess i must wait, Asia always gets first dibs on all the good stuff .....:crybaby:
    I'm hoping they put them up on their website....
  9. I hope so too!
  10. Got the Y-mail long wallet (black patent) for SGD670 on 1 Feb. Excuse my poor photo skills. Attached are the in and out of the long wallet.
    IMG00041.jpg IMG00042.jpg
  11. ^^ Love your wallet!
  12. dolcebomb, your wallet is my favorite piece in this collection and it looks great in the pics. Congrats!
  13. I saw the clutch and I adore it. It is too cool and different.
  14. I saw te wallet at YSL boutique in Beverly Hills yesterday but didn't notice any purses.
  15. ^^^^^^

    Ohhhhh !!!! Must have this !!
    Anyone know the price in US $$ ??? Thanks !