anyone see the new cc pocket tote yet?

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  1. Just wondering your thoughts on the new cc pocket tote ($3000) as compared to the timeless cc tote ($3200). The new tote comes in black or a royal blue. Lighter weight than a GST and has feet on the bottom. Kind of cute!
  2. guess no one saw it or no one likes it :sad:
  3. I just found out that was what these totes that I was looking at were called. I actually saw them at 57th Street this past weekend. I really didn't play with them as an SA was helping a customer who was trying them and other stuff on. I didn't want to be 'that person" and just grab it off the counter to try, but they look nice. I really like the small one. It's on my 'thinking about it' list. ;)
  4. I do not know which tote you are referring to. I do hope someone else does and posts a pic!