Anyone see the little/baby stam at any of the sales?

  1. just as clu#### is looking for a MP on sale, im looking for a little/baby stam in either the taupe/beige colour or black. did anyone see this adorable oversized coin purse?
  2. I haven't seen this bag on sale yet, but I saw both a black and mouse colored one today.
  3. Nah, I haven't. I think they are still pretty new. I don't think the stams will be on sale for a while though. They are still a really hot bag. They are flying off the shelves...more like falling because they are so heavy.
  4. LOL :roflmfao: so true!
  5. :yes: :smile:
  6. Aarti, many stores have marked down quilted styles in older colors like Bordeaux, Petrol, Taupe, Violet. Most of them are pretty much sold out even before the sale started, you would be extremely lucky to come across any at this point in time. A Violet baby Stam (must be a returned item) popped up on eluxury recently, some gal caught it at the right time. Yup, I saw the coin purse in Petrol & Bordeaux at eluxury a while ago.

    Black is one of those classic colors that don't ever (pretty much) go on sale unless the style's being discontinued. The chance of finding it at a discounted price is higher at department stores (always need to make rooms for newer items) than MJ boutiques.
  7. oh well i love it enough at retail price. thanks for looking out for me girls!
  8. ...i think i do? lol this will be the most i ever spent on the bag, and probably one of the smallest..
  9. not on sale, but i saw the baby stam in mouse and cashew today at scp Nordstrom.
  10. What is the lining? Linen?
    Funny that there are so many colours out there, while the Marc Jacobs website shows only three...anyone explain?
  11. MJ website shows the colors for Fall, lining is cream canvas. Bordeaux, Petrol, Taupe, Violet, etc are colors from previous seasons; lining was suede.
  12. oh i see, thanks!!
  13. Thanks bag.lover. I thought the baby stam only arrived this season.
    However, does anyone know the length of the strap on the baby stam?
  14. hopefully ill be able to tell you personally by sunday!! or monday since all the freakign malls are such then :sad: oh well..
  15. I just talked to Kay at the Nevada store...she is the best SA. She said the baby stam's strap is 10-11 inches...she said it's more of an evening bag, but I'd like to use it for everyday errands when you don't want to carry too many things.