Anyone see the Dirty jobs episode on leather?

  1. It's FOR SURE a repeat, but I saw it yesterday with DH and DS. I LOVE nice leather, LOVE IT, but oooo ick... after watching that show, makes you wonder HOW they can sell any leather so cheap with all that goes into preparing it! And it was a way yucky job!

    It's so easy to forget that the nice soft squishy leather was the skin of a deer or goat or cow that had hair and flesh and fat and blood all part of it... LOVELY.... but, it's good to remember that it is a LUXURY too. It seems so common we don't realize how much goes into even the cheapest bags.
  2. I wanna watch it! [Mainly to watch Mike Rowe :graucho:]

    I hope my DVR recorded it.
  3. he is an awesome host. He sings and plays the piano in this one. As I said, sure it's a repeat. We just happened to turn it on and there it was. We live EST and it was our time say 6? 7? pm?
  4. MIKE ROWE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!! And he's soooo funny! :graucho: Watch that show just for him!!

    I saw that was gross but that's the point of the show.
  5. Good to know that I'm not the only person who finds Mike sexy. :graucho:I've been watching him since he was on Evening Magazine (local San Francisco show). He's so funny. I love Dirty Jobs too. I did see that leather episode. Seeing all the flesh getting ripped off the hide, and the melted hair. Yuck!
  6. I didn't see and have never seen the show (rarely watch TV) but think I should. I wish I didn't love soft smooshy leather so much and could be content with fabric or faux leather bags (although I don't see it ever happening). Matt & Natt has some faux leather bags, I could at least try one of those.
  7. Me too!! I don't eat foie gras or veal or stuff like that because I think about what those animals go through, but of course the same could be said for any kind of meat....where to draw the line? One of my coworkers commented on one of my big (leather) bags, saying "Wow, some poor cow lost its entire hide to make that bag" and the first thought that popped into my head was, "Well what about leather sofas?" Clearly my reasoning is clouded :weird: