Anyone see the Diane Sawyer special on North Korea?

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  1. Wow, I thought it was VERY interesting how different life is there! How different it is between North and South Korea alone! It's one thing to read about it and but to actually see it - it was, well - DIFFERENT to say the least!!!! Anyone else see this special?

    ...oh yea, no LV's there!!! BUMMER!!
  2. I saw this and I found it interesting also. I did find the little children playing the instruments a little freaky. They looked like robots. Also, the only movie's they have seen from the US have been cartoons.
  3. No - I wish I would have seen it. It's is amazing all the things we take for granted that a lot of people around the world don't get to experience.

    My BF and I went to Cuba last year and although I loved it, it was like traveling to a different time period.

    We are very lucky...

  4. ..oh yea, that's right the little kids playing the instruments - that was FREAKY!!!!
  5. i've seen other specials on north korea and they were interesting to watch, i wish i could have seen this one.
  6. I didn' see that one, but I did see one the BBC did a couple of years ago. It's available from Netflix, I doubt it would be shown on US TV, because the perspective was so different.