Anyone see small front pocket paddy

  1. currently on sale anywhere in US in any color except black, please....?
    I'm dying to have one.. TIA
  2. There are a couple on eBay right now....have you checked there? I don't know anything about the bags or the sellers. I did a general search under Chloe Paddington and at least three came up of the Pocket Paddy. HTH! :yes:
  3. Thanks debsmith... but I'd rather stay away from eBay... I'd love to buy one from store or reputable website...
  4. I can understand that....I would just call around to all stores that carry them. I found a Whiskey Paddy half off at Helen Yi in Chicago back in May by looking on pf'er greendrv's list of Chloe authorized dealers. I called them after striking out with some of the department stores, and was lucky enough to snag the only one they had left! Here's greendrv's very helpful site to find Chloe and other designer bags. Good luck!! :yes: Handbags: Online Authorized Retailers