Anyone see Reissue in Bronze color somewhere?

  1. Are they all completely sold out? Did anyone see the bag (226 or 27) anywhere??:lol:
  2. About 3 weeks ago, I got the 2.55 Bronze 227 size at BG. She acted like it was 'the very last one'..... but you know how that goes. You could try there.
  3. Sometimes it helps to call the Chanel 800# and have them locate one and then you can have it sent from the store that has it in stock. It does not always work but I have had success a few times....
  4. I saw one at Nordstrom Seattle a few weeks ago...
  5. I called Saks in NYC today looking for a med reissue in bordeaux and was told they have one in bronze and gold. Good luck.
  6. Thanks everyone.....I'm waiting to see Reissue in black patent first, and if I don't like it, I'll do mad search for bronze.....

    Saks have gold?? That's kinda surprising.
  7. I saw one (the dark gold) at Bloomies last weekend. And today, I stopped by the Chanel Store on Madison and saw the new gold colored one (from the Cruise collection). It is really pretty. The leather is crinkly and shiny, different from the past reissues. I will try to convince DH to buy for me for Christmas!!
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