Anyone see Kawaii/3D Nail Art IRL?

  1. I couldn't find a thread on this.. Check out these crazy nails! I think a few Swarovski crystals could be kind of cool. If you google Kawaii or 3D Nails there are endless possibilities, some of the nails are way too long to be practical though and really out of this world. It makes crackle look so tame...




  2. Yes, over my side of the woods, we do alot of such 3D nailarts(not those super elaborate ones like the one in your 2nd pic as they are inpractical). In Japan and Korea, they do it very elaborately.

    I did something similar to your last pic for my V day nails. Which I shared a pic under the Which glitter nailpolish are your favs? thread.

    And I just bought a few 3D nailart pens the other day and am still trying to master simple flowers like the ones in your 3rd pic. They are quite easy to achieve if I dare say. :p

    In summary, I love 3D nailarts!:yahoo:
  3. The nails in the third picture are so pretty! I'd like to have those.
    I haven't seen any of these kinds of nails in person though.
  4. I did something like in the 3rd pic with swarovski crystals and with more flowers! I got so many compliments for them too!!
  5. I've seen them around town before. It's not really my cup of tea...
  6. I've sort of been branching out into that kind of stuff recently. I haven't been able to do much 3D acrylic stuff yet, but I'm practicing. I don't use gels or anything so mostly I just stick to stuff I can paint and add rhinestones/beads/pearls. I haven't seen much of it IRL but there are a few salons around here that do specialize in that kind of stuff.
  7. I occasionally see something along those lines around town, mostly on teens. The 3rd one is probably closest to what I've seen.
  8. Very pretty - they wouldnt last 5 minutes on my fingers! I like the flowers and pearls. Would love to see TPFers versions...
  9. I'd love to see pics of those who have tried this. I think it can be tastefully done and I'd like to try it sometime. I'd like to try something like the first picture but on all pink nails and without the added length..
  10. Other than the 3rd pictures, I've never see these in the Tampa/Brandon, Florida area. I've done nails like the 3rd pic for weddings. The 2nd picture looks like something you'd see at a competition.
  11. Interesting but definitely not for me, I like my nails to feel smooth and look simple.

  12. ^ Yup, that would be me as well.
  13. Here's a picture of my nails, this was the first time I got those flowers on. The nailist spent 3 whole hours doing my nails. But they're just so beautiful!! I got so many complements =p

  14. How cute!

    I'm far too old to rock that look, but I love it on younger girls.
  15. ^what do you think would be the age limit?
    I'm 31 and I love it, but I think I'm too old for it too.