Anyone see an Antic Cervo Satchel around in any stores?

  1. I'm waiting for NM to get another shipment but that could be January. Anyone see this one around?
  2. The Prada (Broadway NY) store will be getting them in soon. I'm waiting for them to send me one! :love:
  3. Thanks! I work in the city so I'll give them a call.
  4. NM in Charlotte had at least one this weekend. You could call them and have it shipped, but not with a VISA card (inside joke).
  5. I think that's the smaller version. The larger version is $2450 (or around there.)
  6. I originally saw that one on styledrops but the color and the leather didn't look the same.
  7. the leather on styledrop looks strangely stiff. the leather of the antic is so much softer IRL ! I adore this bag :yes:
  8. ITA, the one on styledrops does not look right to me...
  9. Only in Harvey Nics in the UK - sorry :smile:
  10. Do post pics when you get yours Audrey ! Am thinking of taking the plunge too...
  11. WOOHOO!!! Sada just called me from the Broadway Prada store! These babies are in and GORGEOUS! She's sending mine out today and I should get it on Wednesday. I'M SO EXCITED!!! :yahoo::wlae:
  12. HA!HA! I was just about to PM you and tell you.Sada emailed me about the bag coming in but I just bought the black one Decophile got.I still have to post it...getting over flu..icky....

    Post pics..!!!!
  13. ^ Aww Jill you're so sweet! :heart: Flu = evil. :sad: I hope you're feeling better! :flowers: You gotta post pics of your black Prada when you feel up to it! That style is sooo gorgeous! (and for once I actually prefer the black to brown!!)
    I promise to post pics as soon as I get the cervo satchel!! :love:
  14. I'm so excited for you Audrey!! I know you are going to love it. Post pics when it comes.