Anyone see Across the Universe???

  1. Just saw this yesterday...while I am not a Beatles fan in any way shape or for I have to say that I heard their songs in an entirely new light during this film.. Anyone else see it yet?
  2. I WANT to, but it's not in my theatre yet. I'll check again next week.

    Every time the guy starts singing during the previews, I find myself softly singing along . . . "Fallin' yes I am fallin' and she keeps callin' me back again."
  3. I guess it is in limited release. The theater was packed when I saw it...with applause at the end. It reminded me a little of Moulin Rouge...either love it or hate it.
  4. Usually when movies come out in limited release, I'll see it in one of the theatres in my neighborhood about a month from now. That's what happened with Hot Fuzz, and that's what I'm hoping will happen with Across the Universe (and December Boys).
  5. i only saw the trailer months ago which was AMAZING!!!
    can't wait to see the movie :yes:
  6. I got to see a screening of it about a month ago and its awesome! If you can, definitely check it out!
  7. I wanna see it but it's not playing around here. I love the soundtrack though!
  8. I just came back from seeing it! I found myself softly singing along with the songs I knew.

    I was humming I Am the Walrus (coo coo ca choo, baby!) walking out of the theatre.

    When I left the theatre, I walked right into Indigo and bought Beatles Love.
  9. I think Evan Rachel Wood is quite cute. I just think it's a shame she's trying so hard to be like Dita Von Teese when she's gorgeous in her own right.
  10. Jude: My God, you- you have perfect teeth.
    Lucy: [sucks in her lips]
    Jude: No you do. Where I'm from, in Liverpool people have teeth going in all different directions.
    Lucy: Have you never heard of braces?
    Jude: Yes I have thanks, we use 'em to hold up our trousers.

    Prudence: That's my landlady!
    Lucy: So you live with my brother, too?
    Prudence: Yeah, I just moved out of his and Jude's room a little while ago.
    Lucy: Oh?
    Prudence: Yeah, I quit sleeping with him, though.

    Hippy dude: You have options, man.
    Max: Yeah, jail or Canada - and they both suck!

    Lucy's Mother: Is that fashionable?
    Max: Is what fashionable?
    Lucy's Mother: Your haircut, or lack of one.
    Lucy: Androgyny suits you, Max.

  11. Just saw it last night and although it was pretty good, it seemed about 20 minutes too long. The story started dragging around the bus scene with Bono...and of course the ending was rather cheesy. ; )
  12. I am freakin obsessed with this movie. I even bought the soundtrack after i watched this movie. We went to best buy and it was sold out. Ended up buying 2 of the 5 copies at walmart. One for me and one for my sis. I had to download the songs from itunes that wasnt included haha I watched this movie the weekend it was released officially.... I highly recommend this movie to anyone. My husband refuses to watch it because there is singing :p
  13. Sorry all. I do not like it very well. But then again, I remember the Beatles when they were together. :smile: - That was real magic. I will say that I am glad that people who wouldn't have discovered my favorite band any other way are doing so with this movie. So, I guess it is a good thing. Buy the Beatles catalog- you won't be disappointed.
  14. The movie was alright.. my friend bought me the soundtrack, I really hate most of the "re-makes."