Anyone see a purchase with purchase fail?


Dec 15, 2009
Has anyone ever seen a purchase with purchase fail so badly they decided to sell it all by itself?

They apparently were NOT selling at the department store closest to me that they are selling them all by themselves for 60.00! And every product is a FULL SIZED product. The only differences are the lipsticks have different outer packaging and the brushes have different handles (same brush heads). My mom wanted the makeup remover anyways and its 34.00 on its own! For 26.00 more, look at all you get!

And the really REALLY weird thing is I called a different location of the same store, and they sold out of them in the first two days - AS A PURCHASE WITH PURCHASE!

Got the cool set. I am almost wondering if I should go get the second set!

And here is the value total when I tried to buy the exact same items on thier own. And this is without the two eyeshadow brushes that cost 30.00 each!!! TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE DOLLARS WITHOUT THE BRUSHES!!!



Girly Gear Head
Dec 10, 2010
North Carolina, USA
Wow, that's actually a good deal even if you got a set and didn't like every single color in it. Hard to believe they weren't selling at your closest store!