Anyone see a Jade Edith on sale?

  1. I've got a brown Edith Hobo on hold at Nordstrom but really want a Jade Edith (the SA at the NJ store said, oh, we just sold the last one).

    Would you let me know if you see one - at the store, online, whatever? NM is of course sold out. . . maybe they'll come back. . . I am hoping. . .

  2. Call nordstrrom Mall of America and ask for Tony. She is good at finding stuff!
  3. Oh no...I just saw this thread...

    you should check the Deals & Steals page too...There was a Jade Edith on earlier today.

    I hope you still found one!
  4. The one on NM unfortunately is not available. :sad: I'm hoping it comes back in, but my preference is definitely to go through Nordstrom because they're so good at CS.
  5. bluefly has one on their site!