anyone see a black muse in Large

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  1. I'm looking for a black muse in large but I can only go to Neimanmarcus, because I have a gift card. has anyone seen it there . THey don't open till 12 today.. the wait is killin me.
  2. My NM doesn't carry YSL, but they can find it for you. Lucky you have a gift card!
  3. Really? and you live in SoCal.. I just saw a post it said they have them at NM beverly hills??
  4. kylieReese,

    I didn't see the Black Muse in Large on display at NM Beverly Hills yesterday. I saw the White Muse in Medium (til store closing), that's why I'm pretty sure it's still available (hopefully, Sweetsparkle will be able to get it). I only asked the SA to check for availability of the Medium Muse in Chocolate/Tan (all sold there).

    NM Fashion Island carries YSL, but they are all sold out of the Muse (all sizes/colors) a few days ago. You can ask a SA to do a stock-check for you, maybe their San Diego store might have it still. The bag can be shipped to you directly or be transfered to your local store.

    Good luck finding it. =)
  5. Ooh! Please post pics when you get it! Im thinking about getting a large black Muse as well. :love:
  6. riana, you should check out SoCal's auction. The link can be found a few posts above this one. It ends today and the bag is currently going for below retail. You can find pictures of the bag in her auction.
  7. I'm trying to win that so I hope I'm not bidding against any forum gal. I hate to think we're driving the price up for each other but I know socal will appreciate it.
  8. Good luck, loren!
  9. Waiting on pins and needles, sooo loren, did you win it????